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By Kit Chentable

A man from Basildon, deeply offended by The Vicar of Dibley, has complained that you can’t say anything nowadays without offending PC woke snowflakes.

Arnold Whitevan, 37, who works in the city, claims that he will never watch The Vicar of Dibley or The BBC again, despite never watching them in the first place, after a Christmas special of the sitcom shows Dawn French’s character Reverend Geraldine Granger take the knee in support of Black Lives Matter.

He said: “You can’t say anything nowadays without some woke snowflake getting offended. We’re living in a world run by people who police your every thought and make it so you have to think twice before embarking on a racist chant even in the sanctity of your own football stadium.

“All these lefty liberals really make me angry getting offended by everything. They really make me sick. Whatever happened to my freedom of speech to say really awful thiings to the detriment of other social groups? Someone should really make them all shut up as I’m really offended by everything they say or do. Cancel culture is something I deplore and they should definitely cancel The Vicar of Dibley.”

Mr Whitevan has now started a campaign to stop The Vicar of Dibley airing over Christmas after he heard that a lockdown special would feature a bit about Black Lives Matter.

He said: “I’m apoleptic in rage. As a white man who has never experienced racism I don’t want BLM being rammed down our throats. I’ve even read, just to justify the fact that I’m actually a bit racist so have a massive problem with the movement in general, that some of the organisers are marxist so are wrong’uns and that totally takes away from the message of equality that they are trying to promote as I’ve never read Marxist theory but understand that it’s not something I’d like. I also don’t know the meaning of the word ‘irony’.

“The Vicar of Dibley is meant to be a sitcom about a progressive woman vicar pointing out the innate sexism in society in a patriarchal world through light-hearted ribbing of the Conservative mainstream values of being British. It’s not the place for politics!”