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Tree and leaves no longer on speaking terms after fallout

By Terry Aki

Various fauna and flora located in a Somerset woodland were in shock last night after an acrimonous fallout between a tree and its leaves.

The tree, an old Oak tree that has stood at the centre of the wood for 300 years, started shedding its leaves over the past few days much to the surprise of the other forest denizens.

Bertie Badger, whose sett is only yards away from the tree, said: “They’ve always been such good neighbours. And seemed to be really getting on all summer and then this. But then over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that they’ve really started to fall out.

“I suppose, it just shows, you never really know what’s going on behind closed branches. Such a shame. I just feel sorry for all the little acorns.”

According to forest relationship expert Freddie The Fox, the fallout has led to several other trees having disagreements with their leaves.

He said: “We’re seeing it all over the woodland now. They’ve all just copied the old oak tree and there’s been fallouts all over the place. Even the horse chestnuts are getting in on the act. And I saw a couple of ashes in a glade up the valley doing it too.

“You can’t move in the forest now for leaf corpses. It’s a really sad sight to see.

“I’m just glad that all the local pines and firs are not doing the same. They’ve always been a class act though.”