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Tory voters horrified that their stupidity and selfishness will cost them extra National Insurance payments

By Leppy Pardalis

Voters who delivered the landslide Conservative General Election victory in 2019 are reeling at Government plans to raise funds through a hike in National Insurance.

The millions of nasty arseholes knowingly backed Boris Johnson and his troop of venal incompetents for entirely selfish reasons.

They didn’t bank on those same incompetents so completely cocking up the covid crisis as to leave a yawning rent in the nation’s finances which everybody - including them,- must now help to plug.

Typical Tory voter Gavin Wankpellet, from Middlesex, said: “This is a complete outrage. Nobody votes Tory because they want to suffer - we vote Tory because we don’t care who else suffers so long as we’re doing very nicely. ‘I’m alright so pull up the ladder’ - that’s our motto.

“That’s why we backed Boris in 2019. So long as everything was looking okay for us, we didn’t give a monkey’s fuck who else had to suffer. Lone parents? Fuck ‘em. The unemployed? Fuck ‘em. Children in poverty? Fuck ‘em. People with disabilities? Fuck ‘em. The chronically ill? Fuck ‘em. Carers? Fuck ‘em. NHS workers? Fuck ‘em. Teachers? Fuck ‘em. Our own grannies? Fuck ‘em.

“So long as Boris and his team kept us happy, we didn’t care how utterly useless, morally bankrupt and cruel they were.

“We didn’t even care about them making a complete bollocks of the covid crisis and failing to prevent a completely preventable pandemic so long as we didn’t get it.

“But expecting us to pay our fair share toward the enormous hole in the nation’s finances?

“It’s a diabolical liberty.”