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Tesco Extra in Swindon voted most popular global 2020 destination in UK Tourism Awards

By Livi Ngroom

The coveted UK Tourism Awards has named Swindon’s Tesco Extra as the top must-visit desination in the world for 2020.

The store takes the crown off of 2019’s winner which was The St Regis Resort in Bora Bora feted for its unlimited luxury and perfect blue seas and sandy beaches.

The UK Tourism Awards have today released their top five 2020 global destinations as voted by the public which shows the fierce competition the store faced to gain the top spot.

They are:

5. Covid-19 Drive-through Testing Site - Glasgow West (Riverside Car Park) - Coming in at number five is this exclusive destination only available to a lucky few as it only allows visits by appointment only. Special mention goes to Barrie of Serco’s ability to stuff a cotton bud up your nose so quickly that it feels like it’s tickling your brain.

4. Barnard Castle, Durham - this luxurious spot was extremely popular during the early periods of the lockdown with men wearing beanies. It has since been reclassified as a must-visit eye test centre.

3. Bournemouth Beach - Hugely popular destination for half a million really really stupid people on a sunny Thursday in April during lockdown. Known for people burying their faeces in the sand. Must visit for disease aficionados.

2. A portaloo in a Kent lorry park just outside the Port of Dover - this destination is gaining in popularity every day with 2021 expected to be its year to take the top spot. Take in the sights and the smells at this very popular spot. Best visited on a full stomach.

1. Tesco Extra, Ocotal Way, Swindon - Swindon is known for many things especially its out of town shopping experiences. This was done by design by the local council having cleverly left the town centre to its own devices for decades to become a popular post-apocalyptic film-makers’ destination forcing everybody to use its out of town facilities. Not far from The Magic Roundabout, feted itself across the world as one of the most complex creations that mankind has ever produced, is Tesco Extra in Ocotal Way. Marvel at the gleaming aisles of foodstuffs, stop to watch people fighting over toilet rolls, chat to Sandra on the till about that time Michael Barrymoore visited, and take in the mystery of the upstairs Dorothy Perkins. Swindon has lots to be proud of - its railway heritage, its many beautiful parks but Tesco Extra, as voted by yourselves, is the crowning glory of this otherwise unsung commuter-belt town. Definitely worth a visit.