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Next vigil for a murdered woman to be held on M25 so it'll take authorities weeks to be bothered doing anything about it

By Leppy Pardalis

Future vigils for women murdered in London will be held at randomly chosen locations on the M25.

The move has been agreed by women who were horrified at the brutal and wholly unwarranted disruption of a vigil held earlier this year for Sarah Everard.

Women trying to mourn her in a park were menaced, threatened, screamed at, grabbed, manhandled and dragged away by a snarling mob consisting of colleagues of the Metropolitan Police officer who abducted, raped and murdered her. 

One woman who was present at the vigil said: “Obviously, the last thing we want is for another peaceful vigil to be terrorised and brutalised by the Metropolitan Police, whether the woman we’re mourning has been murdered by a Metropolitan Police officer or is just one of the many women the Metropolitan Police fail to protect from other murderers as too many officers are apparently too busy laughing over despicable, misogynist WhatsApp posts.

“Then a few of us realised that it’s taken the Government weeks on end to do anything remotely useful about the Insulate Britain protesters currently doing their best to make everybody in Britain think environmentalists are a bunch of tossers.

“Even when whoever’s in charge gets around to sending the police to an Insulate Britain protest, you never see officers shouting at the smug, counterproductive, green message-sabotaging wankers, let alone going in mob-handed and with terrifying aggression.

“That’s why we’ve decided to hold the next vigil on the motorway. We’ll happily let ambulances and people with urgent business through as we’re anything but heartless power-trippers or narcissists.

“If we were, we’d join the Met or Insulate Britain.”