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Mum simply can't understand why some of her teenage son's socks are a bit crusty

By Terry Aki

“I mean, look at this one,” Mandy Gavinson said last night as she waved a single white sock in the air.

“It’s rock solid,” before banging it against the wall to demonstrate.

Mrs Gavinson, 43, of Felixstowe, had been tidying her 17-year-old son’s bedroom, which she tries to do as regularly as possible.

“I simply don’t understand why some of my son’s socks turn out rock solid. It’s always just a single sock and I’m really worried that my Ethan might have some kind of medical foot problem.

“I’ve tried asking him about it but he always seems to get all flushed and changes the subject as quickly as possible.

“My husband Paul isn’t much help either as when I brought it to his attention, he just gave me a look, burst out laughing and said it’s because ‘you know…’ and then laughed some more.

“Maybe this is something that only affects teenage boys, but never having been a teenage boy myself, I just don’t understand.”

The crusty socks aren’t the only thing that Mrs Gavinson has been confused about of late whilst tidying her son’s room.

She said: “There’s also this strange contraption that I found in his room. It seems to have liquid in a large chamber at the bottom and some kind of pipe at the top to blow into and another bit looks like it’s had something burning on the top of it. And it really smells. It’s probably some kind of new-fangled musical instrument and I’m a bit embarrassed to ask about it as I don’t want to seem not with it.

“There should be some kind of manual as teenage boys are a complete mystery to me.”