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Kevin the Carrot questioned over disappearance of millions of vegetables

By Leppy Pardalis

Beloved Aldi Christmas advert character Kevin the Carrot was today being interviewed by Murder Squad detectives at an unnamed London police station.

For the past four years, Kevin has been the supermarket chain’s Christmas mascot, appearing in many commercials during which he has been seen leading other vegetables in happy and heart-warming musical dance numbers.

Kevin has become an instantly-recognisable celebrity, appearing on posters, in brochures, on the Aldi website and even having highly sought-after cuddly toys created in his image.

In every commercial, Kevin and other vegetables are shown as perpetually happy and living in a magical wonderland where the fun never stops.

However, according to the Metroplitan Police and the National Crime Agency, millions of carrots and other vegetables have vanished without trace after last being seen in Aldi warehouses and shops throughout the country.

A National Crime Agency spokesperson said: “All we know for sure is that multitudes of vegetables were apparently drawn by these commercials to Aldi premises during the run-up to Christmas in 2016, 2017, 2018 and last year.

“To our immense concern, none has been seen or heard from since, and we are anxious to trace them or anybody with information regarding their whereabouts.

“Our investigations have so far revealed that Kevin the Carrot, unlike the vast bulk of root vegetables, has somehow been able to wear clothing, live in a succession of well-appointed homes and support a large extended family.

“We are attempting to determine the source of this wealth, and whether it is in any way connected to the worrying mass disappearances over the past few years.”