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By Leppy Pardalis

Murdering Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is demanding a new trial following his conviction for murdering George Floyd by kneeling on the man’s neck until he died.

Chauvin and his legal team vehemently insist that he did not receive a fair trial and that the jury came to the wrong conclusion.

Although the precise details of the supposed grounds for a retrial have yet to be announced, it is understood that the prosecution is to be accused of having relied far too heavily on the flimsiest of evidence.

Indeed, Chauvin and his defence team are rumoured to believe the prosecution produced no strong evidence at all apart from trivialities such as:

- Mr Chauvin being clearly seen murdering Mr Floyd in mobile phone footage shot by horrified, frightened bystanders

- Those same horrified, frightened bystanders repeatedly telling Chauvin he was murdering Mr Floyd

- Mr Floyd, before his murder was completed, clearly telling Chauvin and his colleagues he was unable to breathe

A Chauvin defence team insider said: “How was our client supposed to know that not being able to breathe is fatal, anyway? He’s a police officer, not a doctor.

“Apart from these tissue-thin pieces of evidence, the prosecution have nothing, and we’re confident that the appeals process will end with our client being as free as every other white police officer who murders an innocent African American while wearing an arrogant smirk.”