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Covid variant Omicron revealed to be 'robot in disguise' which can transform into a speedboat

By Dawn Ob

Scientists desperately trying to analyse the new Omicron covid variant have discovered that it is actually just a ‘robot in disguise’ which can transform into a speedboat.

According to the researchers if you press the covid variant, which was originally found in South Africa, in just the right place it transforms into a high propulsion catamaran powerboat.

World Health Organisation chief scientific officer Doctor Mal Practice said: “We were delighted when we found out that this new covid variant was actually a Transformer. It made us completely geek out.

“I thought the name sounded familiar when I first heard it. Then I remembered that Omicron was a Decepticon who acted as a lieutenant for Megatron. He was the twin brother to other Decepticon ‘Soundwave’. He was a bit useless to be honest as he just turned into a speedboat which doesn’t really help when you’re fighting other Tranformers who all turn into cars or aircraft or even dinosaurs.

“So it’s nice to know that he’s managed to turn himself into a really scary virus that is causing untold damage across the world. I like it when people find a role that fits.”

The scientists are now in talks with The Autobots’ Supreme Commander Optimus Prime to help them battle the new covid variant.

“Optimus Prime wasn’t really expecting us and we think he’s been watching too much Netflix during lockdown as he started talking to us non-stop about the new season of Selling Sunset and how Crishell is his favourite and didn’t she do well on Dancing with the Stars,” added Dr Practice.

“Anyway, we managed to convince him of the importance of battling Omicron and he has agreed to tranform himself into a huge syringe so that he can vaccinate the world as fast as possible.”