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Coronavirus to cameo in current season of Geordie Shore

By Livi Ngroom

Viral sensation Covid-19 is expected to make a cameo in Tuesday night’s episode of MTV’s Geordie Shore.

The disease, which has been spreading around the world and has so far killed millions of people, is expected to get a bit raunchy and bubbly in the hot tob with a couple of the Northern lasses.

This comes after The Government locked down the entire country to try and stop the spread of the disease.

He said: “Wahey! I’m well looking forward to getting on the lash in Newcastle. The Government can’t stop me when I’m out larging it on The Tyne even with their annoying lockdown restrictions.

“When it comes to the lads and lasses of Geordie Shore they can’t keep their hands off each other especially after a few vodkas so I’ll be right in there infecting them like a good’un!”

The Chinese-born virus had been expected to make an appearance on Emmerdale earlier in the month but the plans had to be shelved after the producers couldn’t work out how to insert the disease into the steamy Sugden, Dingle and Posner love triangle.

Geordie Shore producer Tom Wakefield said: “Here at Geordie Shore we’ve always strived for a show that transcends class and boundaries and is characterized by an elevated style avoiding all meretricious display. So we can’t wait for that ol’ covid to crack one off all over the Geordie lasses. Wahey!”