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Calling us scum is wrong, insists party harbouring MP who joked about bombing opponent's office

By Leppy Pardalis

The Conservative Party today paused briefly in its outraged bleating, quacking, puling and whining at being referred to as scum by Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner.

The party needed the hiatus in order to concentrate on doing precisely sod all by way of disciplining a Tory MP who joked about sending a bomb to a Labour MP’s office.

James Gray, MP for North Wiltshire, was previously perhaps best known to the general public for running off with a married woman while his own wife was battling breast cancer.

He has most recently found himself in the news in relation to a Tory WhatsApp group on which a fellow Tory MP asked whether anybody knew where the office of Labour chair Anneliese Dodds was located, as he had to send an item to her.

Mr Gray replied: “A bomb, perhaps?”

The veritable prince among men has since deleted the comment and described it as foolish. He also insists he meant no offence when he joked about an explosive device being sent to the Labour MP’s office, and hopes no offence was taken at his joke about an explosive device being sent to the Labour MP’s office.

Mr Gray has not been disciplined in any way, shape or form by his party, and at the time of writing no Tory MP has so far been willing to put their name to a statement condemning his behaviour.

A Conservative Party spokesperson said: “He’s said sorry so no harm, no foul. Now then, where were we? Oh yes - how dare Angela Rayner call us a bunch of scum and how dare anybody agree with her?”