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Button Moon Landing faked claims conspiracy theorist

By Dawn Ob

Conspiracy theorist Francine Ferfuffel, a 36 year old yoga instructor from West Hampstead, has claimed that the Button Moon Landing was faked.

Speaking to a packed press conference in her mind, Miss Ferfuffel said: “None of its real and I can prove it.

“Mr Spoon never flew to Button Moon which hangs in ‘Blanket Sky’ before flying home to his junk planet. He didn’t as he never existed.

“We’re through the looking glass as I can also prove that Mr Spoon’s wife Mrs Spoon didn’t exist either and nor did The Spoon’s family friend Eggbert but I’m not so sure of Mr Spoon’s daughter Tina Tea-Spoon.

“In fact I have it on very good authority that the whole show was nothing but a children’s television programme that ran for ten minute episodes on ITV in the 80s.”

This isn’t the first time that Mrs Ferfuffel has shocked the world by revealing massive secret conspiracies. In 1994, she revealed that Eastenders wasn’t real and was actually made up of actors who were only pretending to be the characters, and then in 2007 she was able to prove that the baby in the sun in the Teletubbies wasn’t actually a real baby in the sun.

She is now working on proving that Bridgerton wasn’t real as there were no cameras invented in the time it was set to film all the goings-on.