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5 Big Cities with Cheapest Fitness per Month

Fitness is no longer just a fashion trend, but a way of life. Millions of active people around the world spend their free time in gyms, on treadmills and in swimming pools, losing sweat and extra pounds. Regular exercise will help you realize your plans, live your life to the fullest and feel happy with your achievements.

Fitness is a very popular form of exercise in recent years. The aim of fitness is to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance, to improve your health and to keep yourself in good physical shape. The main purpose of fitness is to make your life energetic and joyful, to energize you and teach you to explore new horizons.

There are currently around 20 fitness disciplines, including water training, rollerblading, running and pole dancing, yoga and crossfit, zumba and pilates, aerobics and many more. All of these activities have one goal in common: general body shaping.

Cities with the cheapest fitness per month

Now you know what fitness is and how it benefits your life. You have probably already started searching in your browser for your nearest fitness clubs. However, not all of them publish their prices. In order for you to understand more about pricing, take this list:


  • Kiev (24 USD/month). The Kiev fitness clubs are a great way to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They provide a wide range of services, from gym memberships to personal trainers and nutritionists. The best part about the Kiev fitness clubs is that they are very affordable, and everyone can afford them.


  • San Paulo (24 USD/month). The San Paulo fitness clubs are a perfect example of the benefits of joining a club. They offer access to a wide variety of amenities and equipment, which is perfect for those who enjoy working out.


  • Sofia (27 USD/month). The Sofia fitness clubs are the perfect place to work out, relax and meet new people. The Sofia fitness clubs offer a variety of amenities for their members such as a swimming pool, steam room, sauna, cardio machines and weight machines.


  • Las Vegas (28 USD/month). Las Vegas is the capital of entertainment and gambling. It is the city that never sleeps. What many people don’t know about this city is that it also has a booming fitness industry. Las Vegas offers some of the best gyms in the world, with plenty of options for all types of people.


  • Belgrade (30 USD/month). Belgrade is a beautiful city with many fitness clubs to choose from. The prices are low, but the quality and service levels are all on par with international standards.


The list shows the cities with the cheapest fitness and you can get an approximate price. For more details please visit Bestslotsjournal (all data was taken from this website and there are much more cities available).


Fitness objectives

Fitness is a phenomenon for which you have to find a place in your life, because it’s not just a sport, it’s a healthy lifestyle. And the main thing many women go to the gym for is a slim and beautiful figure. Fitness is:


  • Active lifestyles

  • A system of exercise and a specific lifestyle that ensures wellbeing and a positive outlook on the world

  • Many years of specialist experience, translated into specially designed training programmes that are completely safe, designed specifically to maintain and promote health

  • A whole philosophy of life that helps one to know oneself, one’s personality, to achieve inner harmony, and to learn to deal positively with the outer world

  • A great way to extend your youthfulness.


You can only be successful with any kind of fitness if you do it regularly and listen to the advice of an instructor. It is also necessary to listen to your body carefully, so that carelessness or overconfidence will not cause health problems that can take years of rehabilitation to solve. Exercise should be enjoyable, so that each training session becomes a real adventure and a challenge for yourself.

The choice of direction should be taken seriously. It is advisable to try several different types and settle on the most suitable ones.

When exercising, don’t overdo it. At the first training sessions, the hormones of joy and happiness tend to kick in and the body asks for more exercise. You need to let go of your sporting fervour to avoid any feelings of disappointment later on. Also, don’t forget to get plenty of rest between workouts, otherwise the body will wear itself out quickly. Be careful about the amount of exercise, increasing it gradually and not pushing it to absurd records.